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Our Story

our mission

At Brava Boutique, one of North America’s leading luxury lingerie retailers, we believe every woman deserves to look and feel her most beautiful. It’s that simple. Many factors can affect a woman’s sense of self but we’ve seen firsthand how confidence can outshine it all. A great-fitting bra is transformative, offering a certain je ne sais quoi, as if to say, “only I know what’s happening under here.”

the founder

Brava founder Christine Lackan Ory’s interest in beautiful lingerie was a love affair from the start. As a 15-year-old exchange student living in Belgium, she was amazed by how fine lingerie was an essential part of every young French woman’s wardrobe. A few years later in 1997, voilà! She opened Brava Boutique on Heritage Row in Toronto’s Financial district. Ms. Lackan Ory has since cultivated a loyal following, providing thousands of women with the very best European underpinnings by way of her signature bra fitting method.

Today, as an industry veteran, Ms. Lackan Ory remains passionate about her work. She is an award-winning celebrity bra and swim fit stylist, certified prosthetic fitter and entrepreneur, and is regularly featured as an expert in numerous magazines, newspaper publications, and on many television and radio shows.

the team

 The Brava team consists of young professionals who stay au courant on the latest trends and information surrounding breast health. While they take the art of bra fitting seriously, they also maintain a light and comfortable atmosphere, thanks to the enthusiasm they bring to each of their sessions. Every member of the Brava team is a trained fit stylist and certified prosthetic fitter, qualified to help you with any lingerie and swimwear needs.

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