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Since opening Brava Boutique in 1997, we have made it a top priority to be inclusive of all women, especially those undergoing any kind of surgical procedure. In times like these, it may seem difficult to look and feel beautiful. We say: leave it to the experts (us!). Our trusted team of certified prosthetic fitters works closely with each client to best assess her needs, while offering a discreet and welcoming atmosphere for maximum comfort.


How it works

Visit Pre-Surgery
Step 01

Speaking with a certified prosthetic fitter prior to surgery provides an opportunity to learn about our selection of post-surgical accessories and lingerie collections. Many of our clients have found that it’s beneficial to have their breast-care products beforehand, setting them on the smoothest path to feeling like themselves again.

Talk to Your Doctor
Step 02

Every woman heals differently and at her own pace. Check with your doctor to gain a clearer idea of when is best for you to come into Brava Boutique for your post-surgery fitting. By setting this up prior to surgery, you’ll ensure that you’re getting what you need without impinging on your recovery.

Visit Post-Surgery
Step 03

Choose from an array of bras and camisoles during your complimentary appointment, which should last about an hour. Many women receive coverage every two years on new items, including pocketed bras and breast prostheses, so be sure to stop in on a regular basis. This makes it easier to ensure that you consistently wear products that fit well and keep your body healthy and strong.

Regain Your Joie de Vivre!
Step 04

Confidence is key to feeling your best. With our beautiful undergarments and experienced team by your side, you’ll be even closer to getting there. We understand how daunting the months surrounding surgery can be and aim to do all we can to have you back to your stunning, radiant, and wonderful self.

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