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our raison d'etre: community

We at Brava Boutique believe that when women support other women, incredible things can happen. As a Toronto-based company, giving back to the community, especially in regards to women’s health, is of the utmost importance. Since we first opened our business over twenty years ago, we’ve felt it's a priority to promote dignity and increase life-improving opportunities to those who need them most. The following are just a few examples of how we contribute.


Take it Off For
A Worthy Cause

Since 2002, Brava has donated hundreds of bras per year to a variety of local women's shelters through our innovative "Take It Off for a Worthy Cause" event.



Free the Girls

We teamed up with Free the Girls, an international organization focused on women who have been rescued from sex trafficking, and now support themselves financially by selling donated bras.



Pink Tulip

Brava worked closely with Pink Tulip, an organization that created programs to educate and create awareness of breast health for adolescent women. Our very own Christine Lackan Ory was featured in one of their educational videos, which is now used as part of the biology curriculum for Ontario grades 11 and 12 and is shown by a number of provincial and district school boards. Pink Tulip is now part of Rethink Breast Cancer.

Brava Medcare

For those who have endured breast cancer, the continuation of care is an enormous part of life after illness. In addition to guiding breast care patients with the best options available during treatment, Brava has been very active in the community with helping women in the time that follows. Since 1997, Brava has also given back to many causes that fight the disease, such as CIBC Run for the Cure and Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

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